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Understanding The Conditions Of Your Bail

In many cases, you pay your bail, you get released from jail, you go about your life. The only real conditions placed on you are that you promise to make all of your court appearances. There are exceptions. Every once in awhile, someone is granted bail but the judge tells them that there are certain […]

What To Do If You Have An Arrest Warrant In California

An arrest warrant is a scary piece of documentation. If the police knock on your front door and hold up an arrest warrant, it means that they will be taking you to jail. It is in your best interest to go peacefully with them. The only thing trying to run away or arguing with them […]

California Earthquake Survival Tips

California is known for its earthquakes. Unlike wildfires which can be somewhat predictable and avoidable, there’s never much warning before an earthquake occurs. Even with the surprisingly accurate MyShake earthquake phone app you usually have less than a minute to prepare yourself for the tremor. Early preparation and common sense is your best line of […]

Staying Safe During California’s Wildfire Season

Each year, California has wildfires that attract national and sometimes even international media attention. The various media channels like to talk about what might have caused the wildfire, how big it’s gotten and how teams are desperately working to fight it, as someone who lives in California, you’re first priority is doing everything possible to […]

The Legal Consequences Of Public Fighting

Street fighting, barroom brawls and throwing a punch at a guy who steals your parking space. In the movies, these things never seem like a big deal. The worst thing that ever seems to happen to the characters who are involved in public fighting is that they spend a few hours in jail. Sadly, real-life […]

What Are The Benefits Of Bail

When you’ve been arrested, there are two major things you need to worry about. The first is how you’re going to handle your legal problems. The second is whether you should pay bail or stay in jail until your case is resolved. There are pros and cons to both paying for bail and staying in […]

Tips For Going From Newly Arrested To Free On Bail

Getting arrested is scary enough without the prospect of spending the next several months (or even longer) waiting for your case to reach its conclusion. It’s perfectly understandable to understand that you want out of jail and back in your own home as quickly as possible. There are some things you can do that will […]

Found A Lost Pet? Here’s What You Have To Do

It happens all the time. A dog appears in your yard or you find a cat while your out on a walk. Even though the animal isn’t yours, you invite it into your home. At this point, you find yourself in the crossroads of an ethical decision. Do you keep the lost pet or do […]

Invasion Of Privacy Laws In California

Everyone has the right to expect some privacy. No one wants to spend their time wondering if someone is peeking into windows, spying on them through their laptop’s webcam or using electronic gadgets to listen to private phone calls. California’s lawmakers understand your desired to keep your private life private which is why they have […]

Attending School During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Never before have so many parents been confused about how their child’s education will take place during the upcoming school year. Concern about COVID-19 spreading through the schools has caused a great deal of confusion regarding how education will work during the 2020/2021 school year. The Governor’s Thoughts About School This Year One of the […]