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When seeking out a bail bondsman, you need to make sure to do proper initial research and to be assertive. Bail agents will help you but not all will treat you or respect you in the same regard. Some will help you, but really take advantage of you then abandon you. You need to protect yourself, your rights, your loved one who was arrested. Ask some questions before making a formal agreement to do business.

  • May I see your license please?
    This is not an insult to bail agents if you ask to see their license. It’s like asking a police officer to see their badge number. You’re just verifying they’re legitimate, you’re taking precautions so you’re not scammed.
  • What do you charge for your services?
    Not all bail bond companies offer the exact same services and the exact same rates. You’re of course looking for the best rates and the most flexible payment plans. You will want to look up former client reviews too to hear how other people’s experiences have gone.
  • Can I get that in writing, and can I get a copy please?
    Do not make any payments until you have a contract. Read over the contract carefully (fine print included) and make sure there are no hidden fees in there. Make sure you understand it before signing it. Ask multiple and/or repeat questions for clarification before signing it. If all is good, make sure to get a copy for your records.

It is true that unfortunately, there are some bail bond companies and bail agents who are not as trustworthy as they sound. Some are after your money, some are working with a suspended or restricted license, etc. We don’t want to make you nervous – this is not the whole industry, just some awful people who prey on those who are desperate for help.

We’ve done our research on trustworthy and reliable bail bond companies, and Butte County Bail Bond Store is one of the best out there – low rates, 24/7 availability, state-wide service and consultations are always free.

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Before Hiring A Bail Bond Storeman To Help Your Case, You Need To Ask Them These Questions