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Spring is finally upon us here in California. While many people wait and plan for their vacations to take place in the summer, spring can be an excellent time to see our glorious golden state. Taking a trip in the spring will allow you to avoid the heat and crowds of summer.

Here are just a few ideas of places to visit this spring:

    If you have ever been to Yosemite before, you know that it can be stunning and breathtaking at any time of the year. Some would say that the park is at its best in the springtime. The dogwood trees, as well as many different wildflowers, begin to bloom this time of year, filling the valley with extra splashes of color. On top of that, the snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains begins to melt, which helps the waterfalls put on their best shows. In wetter years, such as this one, you can hear Yosemite Falls all over the valley. As an added benefit, you can avoid most of the crowds by visiting during the spring.
    Some might argue that the city has its best weather during this time of the year. The rains have gone away along with winter and the cities legendary fog won’t be arriving until around summer. The weather will be nice and comfortable, perfect for site seeing and picture taking. Once again, by visiting in the springtime, you will be avoiding the summer crowds.
    Calling Hearst Castle a grand estate feels like a bit of an understatement. The extravagant manor turned museum is a must see along California’s Central Coast. The museum is open all year round, however, during the spring they offer a special evening tour. This tour allows guest to experience the estate as if they were visitors to an event held in the 1930’s. You will be able to see the castle lit in all its glory and catch a glimpse of what the high life of the 30’s might have been like.
    For this one, it doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you have a decent view of the night sky. Around mid-April, Mother Nature gives us a view of the Lyrids meteor shower. The shower gets its name from the fact that the beautiful streaks of light can be traced back to their origin point near the Lyra constellation in the northeastern part of the night sky. These stunning streaks of light should be visible for a couple nights as the earth passes through the trail of an ancient comet. As the bits and pieces of this old long dead comet enter the atmosphere, they ignite and create something beautiful. Don’t forget to make a wish.

There are many other places that would be great to visit during spring time. Maybe this year, you should consider taking your yearly vacation in the spring, not the summer. You will be able to avoid the crowds and the heat, and perhaps see something new and amazing. California has plenty to offer during the spring, you just need to know where to look.