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If you really want to wow and surprise someone who is important to you for their birthday, and if you are financially stable enough to do so, you should give them the ultimate gift of a unified family. How do you do that? Bail the “troublemaker” of the family out of jail!

The birthday is only a few days away and everything seemed to have been going fine, until suddenly one person got messy and got arrested. Now, to them, it seems like they will miss the birthday celebration, especially after already creating tension and drama by announcing that he or she has been arrested.

You can help him or her bail out of jail sooner than he or she would be able to do so alone. When you have a bail agent from Contra Costa Statewide Bail Bonds assisting you through the bail bond process, the incarcerated family member will be out of jail faster, and you will already have your bail bond payment plan in place. Contra Costa Statewide Bail Bonds offers affordable bail bonds, no collateral needed bail bonds, discounts, personalized payment plan, and accepts payment in a variety of forms, making it easier and more convenient for you. Your loved one can be bailed out of jail within a few hours if you let us help you. We only charge a 10% premium, which is a much nicer cost than paying for the entirety of bail at once.

Contact Contra Costa Statewide Bail Bonds immediately to chat with a representative and learn exactly how we can help you. We will get started on paperwork immediately once you give us the green light. Chat With Us online or call 925-228-5858. Even if you are unsure, contact us anyway because consultations are FREE. Just wait, in a few days, that birthday celebration will be the best one yet.

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Surprise! A Birthday Celebration After Bailing Out Of Jail