Contra Costa Bail Bond Store Services can do many wonderful things for you: bail you or a loved one out of jail, reunite loved ones, search for warrants anonymously, provide reliable and responsive service, and overall, be a comforting security in a stressful situation.

However, there is a short list of things Contra Costa Bail Bond Storecannot do for you, like give legal advice, refer you to legal counsel, take bribes, negotiate a bail bond before the crime has occurred, and pay defendants for referring us to others.

These restrictions do not stop us from being your favored bail company. In fact, we don’t even like to think of them as restrictions because they are immoral to our standards! Any bail company who wants integrity will tell you that they too, cannot do what we cannot do. Those who do these things (illegally!) are not the right bail company for you.

You can trust Contra Costa Bail Bond Store Services to take care of your needs. Just call us at 925-228-5858 and we can take care of the rest!

There Are Some Things We Can’t Do For You, But That Doesn’t Stop Us From Being Your Favored Bail Company