Understanding The Conditions Of Your Bail

Understanding The Conditions Of Your Bail

In many cases, you pay your bail, you get released from jail, you go about your life. The only real conditions placed on you are that you promise to make all of your court appearances.

There are exceptions. Every once in awhile, someone is granted bail but the judge tells them that there are certain rules they have to follow otherwise the bail is revoked.

It’s important that you fully understand every single one of these conditions before you sign a bail bond contract.

The Purpose Of Bail Conditions

Bail conditions are a list of rules you have to follow while the court handles your case. Breaking any one of these rules puts you in violation of your bail. You’ll be arrested and won’t be released a second time. The entire time you’re out on bail, you have to adhere to the bail conditions.

Typical bail conditions include:

  • Not breaking any laws while you’re out on bail.
  • Not leaving a specific area.
  • Agreeing not to associate with certain people.
  • Not engaging in certain activities.

In some situations, the bail bond company you use to help you cover the cost of your bail will also require that you routinely check in with them.

Unusual Bail Conditions

Some judges like to get creative with their bail conditions. These judges will add interesting bail conditions that can include:

  • Sticking to a curfew.
  • Not drinking alcohol.
  • Getting counseling (anger, drug, abuse, etc.)
  • Seeking out gainful employment.

What About When The Bail Conditions Are Considered Unreasonable?

Every once in a while, someone thinks that the conditions the judge attached to their bail are unreasonable. For the most part, the court’s attitude is that if you don’t like the bail conditions, you can stay in jail. In other cases, you can talk to your lawyer and explore the possibility of protesting the bail conditions. Before taking an unreasonable bail conditions case to court, you and your lawyer will have to gather proof that the conditions are unreasonable, biased or unfair.

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