Your Charges Were Dropped How That Impacts Your Bail

With some help from us here at Bail Bonds in Concord, you were able to cover your bail and secure your release from jail. You were good about obeying all the terms of your bail and consistently showed up for all your court days. Now, you’ve just gotten a call from your lawyer. The prosecutor has dropped the charges.

Yay! That’s great news. It means you can finally stop worrying about the future as a criminal and start enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

Once you get done celebrating your new situation, a different question starts to bother you. Now that the charges have been dropped, what happens to the bail money?

Good news. The dropped charges means that the court has to return the bail money. The even better news is that the process usually isn’t complicated.

While the court will return your money, they never seem to be in a big hurry to do so. It isn’t unheard of for the process to take up to six weeks to complete. It’s not entirely clear why it sometimes takes the court so long to return bail money.

Since you turned to Bail Bonds in Concord for help paying your bail, it’s important to understand that the court won’t return the bail to you. We’re the ones who collect the payment. We will also keep the 10% that you originally paid us.

If you weren’t able to cover your portion of the bail and have been making payments to us, don’t assume that the dropped charges means you no longer have to make the payments. You do. If you fail to continue making payments, we’ll be forced to explore other options, which could include selling anything you may have used as collateral or even garnishing your wages.

If you or someone you love has been arrested and requires California bail, it’s in your best interest to contact Bail Bonds in Concord. We’re ready and willing to help.

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